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Han Chinese clothing

Han Chinese clothingalso known as Hanfu is the traditional clothing of the Han Chinese,It's the significant cultural symbol of Chinese civilization, and has had a long history for nearly 4000 years since China originally began.


We can see the exquisite Hanfu in many Chinese movies, such as the movie Crouching Tiger and House of Flying Daggers starring Zhang ziyi.

The Han-style clothes are a tradition with different style in different period. From the three sovereigns to this period of the Ming dynasty Han people wear clothing, referred to as Hanfu.


Han is the main characteristics of service delivery from the right overlapping part of Chinese gown, not buttons, and using string binding, giving the impression of flowing free and easy. For example, these girls below are wearing these, which is very beautiful.




It’s so sad that no one recognise that China's costume is the Hanfu when Korean hanboks and Japanese kimonos are based off them.However, now more and more people are wearing Hanfuto attend parties or go out on the street.




Choose a Hanfu you like and cosplay an ancient Chinese celebrity.

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