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Guide Of Purchasing

1.How to find what you want in a short time?

2.How to check seller’s credibility?

3.How to choose the more suitable items?

4.How to make a more economical and quick shopping?

How to find what you want in a short time?

Searching via item categories

Locate your item category via the first and second classification and hot classification.


 Then pick up what you want from your favorite list page by clicking the item detailed entry page.


You can also get what you want via the searching box on the top of the page.

A.Known the items detail address: directly copy your URL to the Search box then enter the product detailed page by clicking ”Search” to purchase. Detailed diagram

B.If only know the general item category, you can put some key words into the search, clicking “Searching” to enter the item list page to have a further searching.

example: I want to purchase”Bikini XL”. You can directly put “Bikini XL” into the search box. If you want to purchase a certain brand or type item, you can also put these key words into the search box. Space is suggested to be used between the incoherent words in order to helping you find more items, such as “Jeans and Shorts” should be replaced as “Jeans Shorts”.

Note: In order to make you more convenient to find the item, we sort out some key words. If you cannot find the right item via searching the corresponding word in English, please try to copy its Chinese meaning into the search box. For example, may be you cannot find the right item by searching “his-and hers clothing”, but you can get what you want if you use”情侣装”instead.

衣服(Clothing)                                                                            More>>






Chiffon Skirt

pleated skirt

leather Clothes

his-and-hers clothing


 鞋子(Shoes                                                                           More>>






pump shoes

canvas shoes

women's socks

High heeled shoes


 珠宝(Jewelry                                                                         More>>






sun hat

women's tie

baseball hat

women's sunglasses




How to check seller’s credibility?

When picking up items, you may care about the seller’s credibility. Some tips give for you:

You will find something on the right side like this below when you scan the item detailed page, which is seller’s credibility. 635107111797151867.jpg
Next, you should pay more attention to this small credit rating icon. There are “heart, diamond, blue crown, yellow crown” as below, the credit is divided into 20 rating, as well present how many points that the seller has. As shown below, the farther, the higher the credit rating.

After customer got deal success on Taobao, they can make comments on what they bought as the credit comments. The comments can be classified as “High, medium, bad”, which correspond to “one point plus, no point plus, one point deduction.”635107112387300904.jpg

Note: Taobao has tmail shopping mall, which gathers a variety of high-profile brands leading to high goods performance.635107113011458000.jpg

It can also easily be found on Panlishop like this picture below. If you enter the item detailed page via Panlishop categories or key words searching, the store has none seller reputation on the right side is tmall’s item, or you can open its official website by clicking the “View Original Site”. The logo is like this

How to choose the more suitable items?
If you are the new user of Chinese items online, the contents here will help you choose the suitable items. To buy Chinese items, especially garments, shoes etc, please browse the pages in the "Size Chart". In spite of the same size, the items made in China may not fit you. Referring to "Size Chart" then purchase will avoid many troubles.


How to make a more economical and quick shopping?
A.Numerous items bought in the same store will be charged only once for the domestic shipping costs. (You will be free for the shipping costs if goods allowed.)

. Before purchasing, you should estimate the total costs ahead (the costs you paid until you get the goods)

       ●  Numerous items: You can get the general costs of via “Total costs estimation” by putting the total cost of items, items total weight and delivery country, like the diagram below:

       ● Single item: You can get the item total costs estimation by clicking the “Cost Calculator” on the item detailed page. 635107115256145943.jpg

C.The more items shipped in single delivery the more money you saved
For example: If the average weight of one piece you purchased is 150g, the average price will be $30.00 via the single delivery. 635107115825702943.jpg

Suppose the same item is delivered to USA, the international shipping fees are different sine the different delivery modes. 635107116092619412.jpg
Note: The international shipping services may have discount during their activities. The actual fees may be a little different, please refer to the International Shipping Costs.

The total costs of the item when you get is:

The above calculation shows that the single delivery for numerous items can save you: 635107116710380497.jpg




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