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Customer Instruction

1.  Costs:

①     The total cost of goods: The price of items

②     Domestic shipping fee: Delivery to Panlishop China.
 If you buy multiple items from the same seller, you only need to pay the nonrecurring fee which save much on domestic shipping.

③     International shipping fee: The freight and Customs Declaration Charge calculated according to your goods weight, selection of modes of delivery, the receiving area. It includes packaging costs and Customs Declaration Charge.

④     Service charge=(the total cost of items + international shipping fee) x 10%
*Panlishop has no minimum service fee limitation in order to provide you a more smoothly shopping.

⑤      Handling charges for different payment methods:
*Free means Panlishop won't charge you any bank service fee.

⑥     Exchange Rates View.
* Panlishop will adjust the exchange rate according to the International Exchange Rate.

2.  Time

①  Panlishop usually purchases for you within 16 hours after you ordered

②  It usually takes 2-5days (according to seller’s delivery time) for your ordered items arrive to Panlishop.

③  Panlishop usually delivers your goods after the item status showed as “Arrived Panlishop”.

④  The delivery time is according to the Delivery Modes that you choose, usually

* Your parcel may be delayed if meet any specific situation such as rest day change-shifts or the buyer is not at work from 17:30-9:00 etc.

3.  Service

①Quality of goods: Professional inspection will be made to ensure you have a nice shopping experience with safety and convenience.

Inspection including:
● Outward appearance (e.g. colour, obvious visual defects etc.)
●Size, design, version number (For clothing or accessory, the inspection is subject to your final remarks.
* Due to the specialty of electronic digital products we can only check it visually (e.g. item’s appearance, accessories). Quality&functionality issues are not included during inspection.

② Parcel Consolidation Services:
All your orders placed in different stores and time will be consolidated together into a single shipment,saving a good amount of international shipping fees compare to delivery separately.

③ Warehousing period: Be free within 3months, 1 year for the maximum warehousing period with charge

④ Parcel tracking: The logistics tracking enquiry makes sure you inform of the process of the waybill and parcel status.

⑤ Professional service team: Equipped with professional pre-sale, sale, and after-sale customer service, one-to-one counseling to your problem.

⑥ Virtual goods: No provision for virtual goods.

⑦  After-sale Guarantee: You will be rest assured on that overseas product return or exchange service. While here we have standards for return or exchange:

Wrong items or damaged items

     Items with bad quality
       *Exchange and refund is unavailable if:
           A. Item exchanged/outward appearance changed/missing accessories  
           B.  Unpacking items (CD/DVD/tapes etc)
           C. Items without original receipts

4.  Customs

①   Avoid taxation: To save your time and expenses, we will avoid taxation reasonably by wrapping parcels most properly.
If your parcel is seized by customs, you need to pay the tax. But the probability is as low as 0.3%.    Our Suggestion

②    Customs clearance: Panlishop will not be responsible for the customs clearance.


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