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Customs and taxes

To save your time and expenses, we will avoid taxation reasonably by wrapping parcels most properly. However, we do not deal with customs clearance.

If your parcel is seized by customs, you need to pay the tax. But the probability is as low as 0.3%.

Taxes will only be charged with business parcels, rather than residential ones.

How to avoid to be taxed? Here are 3 suggestions for you:

1、The weight of parcels is an important criterion for determination of residential parcel or business parcel. Parcels more than 10kg have a higher ratio to be supposed as commercial ones. To avoid this case, please consider the weight of your parcel before submit the waybill. For those who choose DHL and Panlishop Special line, please take into account the volume of your parcel at the same time.

2、Our system’s upper limit of weight is 20kg. If you would like to submit a waybill more than 20kg, you could split it into smaller ones. It is recommended that each waybill should not exceed 10kg.

3、The parcel contains a large number of the same commodity might be recognized as business parcel as well. Please try to avoid sending a large sum of the same goods in one parcel.


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