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Shipping Methods

Four super high-quality with competitive price delivery services are offered:

1.Panli Special Line

Panli Special Line is consisted of UPS, FedEx, Toll and other international well-known logistics providers. It’s the most cost-effective delivery mode with its lowest price, only 3-5 days short shipping period and free for exceed volumetric weight.

2. DHL

The fastest and best service, 2-3 working days for shipment. Some items are restricted.

3. EMS

5-8 working days for shipment. Easy to customs clearance. Items are suggested no longer than 1.4m and no taller than 1.4m.

4. China Post Air Mail

Package weight <2kg ; 8-20 working days for shipment ; The easiest express to customs clearance ; No special restrictions on items classifications.

You also can:

Browse Shipment Price and Deliver Restrictions to choose the most suitable delivery service. (For China Post Air, the lowest shipment price is 2.25 USD every 100g.)


●We charge Customs Declaration 8CNY for each international parcel.

●The shipment time mentioned earlier is estimated in normal circumstances. But not the final commitment. Parcels reach time would be noticed in advance if possible in following cases:

  Seized by customs, Flight delays, attempted delivered to no answer address

  Clearance delay means, all kinds of exceptional conditions leading to shipment delay during entering and exiting customs.

●To ensure the validity of items, users are committed to be compensated if the parcel is missing. The maximum amount of the compensation is 1000 CNY. It is worth mentioning that the longest period of claims is 3 months, calculated from the date of parcel issuance(parcel status from"sent")


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