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Western Union


Western Union is suitable to recharge over 500USD or 4000CNY. Otherwise if you recharge less amount, we suggest you recharge online and it will be shown in your Panlishop account within one day.

Step 1. When you pay by Western Union, please fill up below information.

Destination (city/ country): Shanghai ,China

Amount : (The amount you need to remittance)

Receiver First name(s): liya

Receiver Last name(s): Liu

Address:  4F, Building A,No.100,Lane 2891,South Qilianshan Road,Shanghai(city),China(country)
Post Code: 200331

Step 2.  After you made a payment, please go to Panlishop recharge page to provide your transfer information, such as Date, Amount, Country, Name, MTCN(Money Transfer Control Number). Our finance staff will help you to recharge in your Panlishop account manually ASAP after they finished checking your remittance.


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