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How to use Panlishop service?

Step 1: Choose products

1)       Choose your favorite products from categories (as shown in the follow picture).


2)       You can also choose your favorite products from any Chinese online stores, copy and paste its URL into the search box of Panlishop, and then click ‘Search’ to find the detail of the product.


Step 2: Add to Cart 

Choose the color, size and quantity in the detailed page of the item. In addition, you can also note more detailed requirements in the ‘Notes’. Click ‘Add to Cart’ after check, your order will be added into your shopping cart automatically, and then you can continue to shop or enter the shopping cart to check the item.



◆  If some detailed information is not shown, please add them into the ‘Notes’ manually.

◆  If the picture of the product are not shown as usual, it won’t affect your order.

Step 3  Payment 

Enter ‘My Shopping Cart’, choose the product you want to pay, and then you can see the total payment and your account balance. After click ‘Buy All’, the system will automatically deduct commodity charge and China domestic shipping cost. After successful payment, Panlishop will start to purchase for you. Next, your orders will be added into ‘My order’ list.



◆  Before payment, you can delete the product you don’t want anymore.

◆  The default setting is selecting all when you enter ‘My Shopping Cart’, but you can reselect and choose the one you want to buy at the moment.

◆  What is Mainland China shipping cost? It is charged by sellers delivering products to our China warehouse. Normally the cost is around $0.82-$1.63, but many shops in China offer free shipping service.

Step 4 Buy for you 

you can check statues of orders at any time. When the status of the order has turned to ‘Arrived Panlishop’, then you can hit ‘Submit Delivery’. 


◆  The procedure of Panlishop purchasing: Panlishop buyers receive orders > Buyers purchase items from sellers > Goods are delivered to China warehouse of Panlishop > Buyers receive and inspect items.

◆  The statuses of the order include:

Unprocessed: Initial status after submission.

Processing: Orders allocated to buyers.

Purchasing: Buyers are purchasing the items.

Purchased: Purchased already, ready to delivery to our warehousing center.

Out of stock*: Sold out.

Invalid items*: The following cases are considered as invalid orders:
            ●  Invalid item URL
            ●  Inconsistent name&price of the item with the submitted information
            ●  No item details and images
            ●  Virtual goods, contraband items etc.

Issue items: Need to be confirmed by users for lack of essential information about size, color, etc.

Returning and exchanging: Return and exchange items after negotiation with sellers.

Contacting sellers: Attempt to contact sellers but no reply. Contact us for refund via message if you do not want to wait.

Arrived Panlishop: Items have been received by Panlishop and ready for shipping to overseas.

◆  If you have any inquiry in terms of your order, please hit ‘Messages’ to communicate with our customer service staff.


◆  If the status of your order is ‘Unprocessed’, you can delete the order.

Step 5: After ‘arrived Panlishop’, you can submit delivery and pay the shipment.

Enter ‘My Order’, click ‘Arrived’, and then choose the order you want to delivery and click ‘Submit Delivery’.

The next page as follow:

If you are the new user of Panlishop, please fill the detailed receive information in.


After you confirm and submit the receive information, it will enter the delivery method page. We suggest you selecting the suitable delivery method.

Different kinds of delivery services reference:

Click ‘Submit’ after confirm, please wait for Panlishop shipment. You can hit ‘Check your parcel’ or enter ‘My Parcel’ to check the parcel status.


◆  If you find that your account balance is insufficient when you hit ‘Submit’, you can enter ‘Account [Recharge]’ to top up your account.

Step 6: you can check the parcel status in ‘My Parcel’ at any time and confirm after receiving the parcel.

enter ‘My Parcel’, you can click parcel ID to check the detailed commodity information.

Parcel statuses:

Unprocessed: Initial status after submission;

Sorting & packaging: The parcel is under processing and packaging;

Sending: The parcel is ready to send to logistic provider;

Sent: The parcel is sent to logistic provider successfully;

Incorrect information*: Invalid or less detailed delivery information (such as: receiver, delivery address);
Incorrect delivery service*: Your waybill contains contraband items for selected delivery service;

Delivered: To confirm you have received the parcel, click ‘Delivered’ in ‘My parcel’.


◆  When the parcel status is ‘Unprocessed’, if you don’t want to deliver the parcel, please hit ‘Cancel’ to delete.

◆  When the parcel status is ‘Sorting & packaging’, if you have any problems, please hit ‘Contact’ to contact our customer service.

◆  When the parcel status is ‘Sent’, you can hit ‘Tracking’ to track your parcel.

If you have already received the parcel, please check whether your items are all in good condition. Then, please click ‘Confirm’ to confirm receipt of goods.


By now, you have finished the first experience of purchasing service on Panlishop.

All Panli staff wishes you having a good time shopping on!

You can also view the purchasing demo>>


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