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What is Panlishop Purchasing Service?

Panlishop Purchasing Service: Generally speaking, purchasing service is to find someone to help buy the goods you need, because certain items are unattainable in your local place or the price of local products are much higher than the price in other areas.

We can help you buy items with good quality and cheap price from China by our purchasing service, and then ship them to your overseas address by carriers.


Choose Panlishop, you can:

● buy most goods from China online stores.

● easily pay by U.S. dollars, Australian dollars, pounds and other various currencies.

● update the latest order status in real time system.


Panlishop also help you:

● Negotiate with sellers, confirm for stocks and purchase for you.

● Consolidate all your orders together into a single shipment, repack your individual items to reduce size/weight and save your international shipping cost (normally 1/3-1/2 of the shipping fee can be saved)

● Inspect your goods in advance and free return/exchange when the product with issues is still in China.
 (includes quantity, size, color, design and obvious visual flaws.)
 Free exchange or full refund from the seller if there’re some problems caught during the inspection.

● Perfect return/exchange service is guaranteed. If you find any product issues belonging to our scope of inspection after you receive it, the compensation will be guaranteed.

● 90 days of free storage.

● Professional customer service team answer you any questions during the purchasing process.


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